Ep 2 – Swear Words and The Bible

Shawn and Aaron explore the territory of comparing maps to territory, without a map, and get lost. It is agreed upon that everything said in the bible is literally true and not open for re-interpretation, certain words are magic words like Voldemort and must never be said, and that saying something you don’t mean as a joke is undoing the moral fabric of our once great fallen society.


Theme Song Performed by:

Synchronicity Book Club:
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Confirmation Bias News
Dividing Lines – Journal Sentinel Online
The Simple Truth About Biblical Literalism – Alternet

Clips Used:
David Foster Wallace “This is Water”
Lenny Bruce – The N Word (Uncensored)

Srsly Wrong

A podcast about prescriptivism and words, exploring alleged contradictions, creative re-interpretation, changing and challenging ourselves and the world, and exciting strategic paradigms for mental toolkits.

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  1. S.W. says:

    My husband tells me that this podcast proves that the word “sometimes” means the same thing as “most of the time”.

    Can anyone explain?

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