W2T – 115 – Lifehack: Get naked and imply you have a gun

Srsly Wrong

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1 Response

  1. Psuke Bariah says:

    OMG, Amazon is a *horrible company.* I grant you their front face (customer service, shipping, etc) is awesome.

    Their worker exploitation is getting to be on par with Walmart. In fact, I would argue that Amazon is poised to be the new Walmart, with equally (or worse) results.

    I would also argue that Amazon’s (granted) excellent customer service is the *exception*, not the rule, of private and for-profit companies. Many companies have contact information sites that only have web forms for customer contact, and when they do have phone numbers it’s really hardto reach a human.

    The only real argument against nationalizing any industry is its dependence on who is running said government, but the same could be said about any given corporation or BoD of any given business.

    p.s. Love you guys. Shout out to PEL for directing me your way.