Ep 57 – Work, Queers, and the Politics of Respectability (w/ Thaddeus Russell)

Srsly Wrong

A podcast about prescriptivism and words, exploring alleged contradictions, creative re-interpretation, changing and challenging ourselves and the world, and exciting strategic paradigms for mental toolkits.

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1 Response

  1. Benoit says:

    Finally caught up enough to start commenting!
    It’s good to hear someone optimistic about the role of technology and an anti-work ethic- I’ve been getting pissed off with the ‘oh no! The robots will take out jobs,’ line in the media, but I don’t think you’re taking into account the way technology is mostly controlled by those who are already in control of the money- the touchscreen ordering system in McDonald’s benefits the corporation, not the workers. This is the case with most of the technologies that are replacing people’s jobs… With wealth inequality what it is the tech will not be allowed to allow us to be idle… 🙁