Ep 27 – Listen and Live Forever (w/ Zoltan Istvan)


If you listen to this episode, we promise you will live forever. Aaron and Shawn avoid having their podcast die and succumb to the curse of the ’27 club’ by having an extended interview with the Transhumanist Party’s 2016 US presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan. We discuss transhumanist sex, simulation theory, death as an essential part of human narrative, and play Sam Kinison clips because Zoltan loves Kinison and we love Zoltan!

Synchronicity Book Club:
The Transhumanist Wager – Zoltan Istvan
Against Intellectual Monopoly – Michele Boldrin

Image Credit: Larry Carlson

Srsly Wrong

A podcast about prescriptivism and words, exploring alleged contradictions, creative re-interpretation, changing and challenging ourselves and the world, and exciting strategic paradigms for mental toolkits.

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