Stephen Harper’s Simpsons Twitter Confession

On December 21st, 2012 Stephen Harper tweeted a link to a Simpsons clip to the twitter account of the fiction character Homer Simpson.

@pmharper @HomerJSimpson Mmm… bacon. …


It’s been taken down now, but the clip was Bart, Homer, and Marge walking hands-on-hips chanting “you don’t win friends with salad” to Lisa. This is from the Season 7 Episode “Lisa The Vegetarian”

We can interpret this plainly as Harper or some conservative social media staffer’ trying to appear like a regular joe to his constituents for political points or we can choose to look at this as a type of secret confession letter.

I choose to imagine this was tweeted by Harper himself. I also choose to believe this wasn’t a tactical ploy to appear more charismatic and relatable to his constituents. I think it was self-expression.

You don’t win friends with salad is a transparent political metaphor.

Harper is a cynic. He is saying that the masses do not want salad. They don’t want health food or to take on responsibility for their consumption. They want bacon! They don’t care where it comes from!

Lisa is making a sacrifice for ethics, which is what the modern social democratic left asks of its subscribers. Harper’s rhetorical/political position represents a denial of this paradigm. They want to give up nothing in their lifestyle for politics. They value the freedom to consume. They want strong leadership and they don’t want to see the factory where they kill the hogs. Political bacon for low information voters.

Who can choke down the salad of community organizing, buying local, and getting involved in minor party politics? Who can choke down the salad of a consensus process?

Shawn Vulliez

Shawn is the most X person sitting at the Y table. Amplification journalist, cartoonist, and former leader of the Pirate Party of Canada. As of this writing he still has faith in humanity.

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