8 Tips for Using Recreational Drugs Responsibly

Aaron Moritz

Aaron is a Srsly Wrong podcast host, writer, and decent human being. He thinks you are swell.

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7 Responses

  1. allie says:

    Great.I’ve recently started experimenting and I like them a little too much which is concerning. I don’t want to throw my life away but I still want to have and continue my self discovery. This article really did put things in prospective. What food is all the discovery and happiness the drug gives you if it’s a dead end. Responsible use is key. Even though difficult

  2. The first real problem is the societal schizophrenia where recreational drug use is absolutely always bad while there is no problem what so ever with permanent use of any drug for the rest of your life once it is prescribed by a doctor. Absolute faith and devotion to the Pharma gods is not a path to salvation. Next interesting point to make is that understanding a substance’s full history is critical. The indigenous practice of chewing coca leaves seems to be far less problematic than refined forms of cocaine. Since the opium wars it has been perfectly clear that ruling elite have no problem with addiction. It is free market competition with their cartels and monopolies that can not be tolerated.

    I would not give a moment’s thought to going a day or more without coffee. I have kicked the considerable physical addiction at least twice. That meant enduring the two week singing headache only to get to the basic conclusion that I just like my morning cup of coffee. There is no down side. People who go on about clogged pineal glands and spiritual detriment need to come up with something more substantial here.

    The only addition I would throw in is that any drug use in the teen years is bad. We are talking the following very real harms here. First there is the basic problem of how basic psychiatric conditions present themselves. I am including chemical addictions here. Uncontrolled drug use in the teen years pretty much grantees that when the underlying problem presents itself the drug use will exacerbate things horrifically and there will be no happy endings. Next is the stunted or lost potential issue. For these reasons I am fine with pretty draconian measures to prevent drug use by teens. The secret here is good parenting.

    You made the point very well that all substances are not created equal. My attitude here is very interesting. I did go through the 80s NYC pre AIDS club scene. That gave recreational drugs a whole new meaning. I am blessed with a body that really reacts poorly to the really addictive drugs. An interesting thing about my psyche is that I do not experience any separation from the high and the CRASH. The CRASH always sucks vastly worse than the high.

    This is where the whole topic gets really interesting. I believe the vast majority of individuals in western modern society maintain any modicum of sanity and equilibrium by walling off every part of their psychic, emotional, sensory experience that does not conform to this quaint little set of idealized notions. Maintaining these barriers takes lots of work and energy. I feel the best parts of one’s self might be walled off behind these barriers. Certain substances help maintain this deadened disconnected armored state. Certain substances blow the walls away. Pot and the psychedelics fall into the Walls Come tumbling down category. This was, I believe, the primary reason for these drugs being banned. Pot, mescaline, psylocybin and LSD undermine the extremely effective mind control that contemporary society has put in place.

    Getting to a personal level I have had a really positive experience around pot. I am currently speaking from a years long dry spell. I would love to end the dry spell immediately but I don’t know anyone who can hook me up. For me pot is extremely social. Pot use is self limiting. I know that if I smoke too much I will get burned out. One of my favorite things about pot is that it heightens psychic rapport. This is why I would never have any interest in being high if my companions were not there with me. I was introduced to pot in my early 20s by my friends, I was living in New Orleans when things really got interesting. One thing they made very clear is that you should never get high and just vegetate. That is a complete waste. Being high with friends definitely side steps any ADD or Aspergers issues I might have. For me pot makes any activity fun. Good highs are like good sex, you never experience too much of either. Letting a good high go to waste is a sin. To make sure you do not let a good high go to waste you must first put on awesome music. you must then prepare or go out in search of an awesome meal. To be really certain of the Goddess’s blessing you must have at least one mind blowing edged orgasm, preferably not alone.

    With that all out there I have seen and I do not like wake&bakes . I do not want to be high constantly. Wake&bakes smoke without respite until the supply is gone. Wake&bakes have no problems with transgressing the requirements of a holy high. All wake&bakes I have know were self medicating to deal with a vastly more severe psychiatric issue.

    I find computer gaming to have been more addicting than pot. I would have the same regret about “doing more” but there really does not seem all that I am keeping myself from doing.

  3. sef says:

    you put 7. twice

    • aaron says:

      Thanks! Fixed. No matter how many times you read it over, still miss stuff. I was shuffling around the order at the end there. I wasn’t high! I swear! 😛

      • Raz says:

        Another amazing article, Thanks Aaron 🙂

        I don’t necessarily think smoking pot every day is bad – I’m not increasing dosage, a joint or two every day has been the norm for years now. Without pot, I become hyper aware of my aches and pains; If I don’t smoke for a few days and “the fog clears” I immediately notice my body more, and become agitated with my leg and back. On a different topic, I still wouldn’t mind trying Benzos

        • aaron says:

          Yeah! I think cause you have a legitimate medical reason to use it, that’s a different story. If smoking pot works as a pain killer for you, you’re doing far less to no damage compared with popping opiates on the regular.

          I just know that many people experience pot as a motivation killer. I really see that as one of it’s biggest downfalls. That and it gives me anxiety nowadays.

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