Author: Srsly Wrong


Ep 146 – School Shootings Are Bad

A journey through gun laws, violent media, and social alienation as the Wrong Boys get to the bottom of the most horrifying trend of the millennium. Play in new window |...


Ep 138 – Virtue Signalling

Full episode available to non-patrons for the first time! “The biggest enemy of virtue is not those who do wrong, but those who signal virtue. Virtue is good, obviously, but signalling virtue...


Ep 123 – Economic Inequality

The Wrong Boys lay out a perfect plan to make sure that everybody always has the exact same amount of money in their bank account, no matter what. Contribute and get bonus...


Ep 144 – Totalitarian Blue-Haired College Kids

They’re at it again Theme Song by Trái Bơ Contribute and get bonus episodes! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS


Ep 142 – Post Scarcity

“Enough is Enough!” is the motto this week as the Wrong Boys talk about all the ways in which we could, and sometimes already do, have enough of enough things in order...


Ep 141 – Diversity of Tactics

The utopian practice involves tirelessly working towards the ever-receding horizon of the best possible world for everyone. There’s a lot to be done, and a lot of different tactics that can be...


Ep 139 – Egoism and Non-Duality

Can Egoists be Communists? What exactly was this Max Stirner guy all about? And is everything a spook? All these answers and more when Aaron interviews Jordan and Chloe about leftist Egoism and...