Only a Brain? – A DMTRMX

This video was an entry into the DMTRMX contest put on by DMT: The Spirit Molecule. It is meant as an exploration of ideas and not as a hard claim about the way reality operates. Peak experiences, such as those encountered on psychedelic drugs, are really the most interesting frontier we have in exploring the limits and the nature of subjective conscious experience, and how those map onto objective, measurable physical reality.

All footage is taken from DMT: The Spirit Molecule, and the DMTRMX creative commons library, with the exception of ‘Fractal Flames’, a creative commons animation by youtube user JudasHoleMusic, which is available at .

Featuring (in order or appearance):
Joe Rogan (Comedian/Podcaster)
Dennis Mckenna, PhD (Ethnobotanist)
Ralph Abraham, PhD (Mathematician)
David Presti, PhD (Neurologist)
Graham Hancock (Author)
Leanna Standish, ND, PhD (Naturopathic Physician)

Songs (in order):
Flatwound – The Long Goodbye
license: CC BY 2.5

7OOP3D – Feeling Dark (Behind the Mask) ft. Artexflow
license: CC BY-NC 3.0

Tekno Eddy – Horizons
license: CC BY-NC 2.5

Mixing / Sound Design by:
Dope Creature

Aaron Moritz

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