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Ep 43 – Anti-Anti-Anti-Vaxxers

Or, The Dangers of Dialogue Suppression and Meta-Contrarianism Shawn and Aaron try to have a debate about vaccines, but it gets completely derailed by the culture of vaccinations.  They end up coming...


Ep 38 – Our Pejorative Universe

This Week: Aaron and Shawn prove what lazy godless libertarian communists can do. Featuring several bonus lazy godless libertarian communists. Intro Music Bed: Fanfare for Space by Incompetech Theme Song performed by:...


Ep 30 – LIVE from the beach (w/ Mike Dewar)

Former co-chair of the youth wing of the Canadian Green Party (and current Objectivist Partyboat Nihilist) Mike Dewar flies Shawn and Aaron down to Tofino to catch some waves, ponder possibilities, and...