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Ep 25 – The Objective Spectacular

Shawn and Aaron literally get a huge inheritance in real life, but the podcast will stay the same as it always was: hard hitting common sense. Leave your political correctness at the...


Ep 15 – So, You’re Having a Baby!

This episode, Shawn and Aaron talk about what it takes to raise a baby, provide feedback to their parents, and discuss how to create a child of your own, at home http://media.blubrry.com/srslywrong/p/audioboo.fm/boos/2391476-ep-15-so-you-re-having-a-baby.mp3Podcast:...


Ep 3 – Would Edward Snowden Hit Children?

In this episode Aaron and Shawn answer the age-old question about how much physical violence it’s okay to direct at children. They pull together the broad topics of parenting and societies slow...