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W2T – 105 – Richard Spencer Got Clocked

This week we talk about: – Trump’s executive orders, twitter threats, and first presidential lawsuit – Tons of protests, a shooting, and punching nazis in the face – Canadian oil spills, Buckminster...


W2T – 104 – Hot and Spicy Day

This week we cover: – The release of Chelsea Manning, Obama’s last executive order, and Trump’s Goldman Sachs administration – Rosa Luxemburg, spontaneity, centralism, and Bernie Sanders – The FBI’s targetted political...



We promised you that after 1000 episodes of our podcast, the world would experience 10,000 years of world peace. In this, the stunning, long-awaited 100th episode of Srsly Wrong, Shawn and Aaron...


Ep 101 – Why Did Trump Win?

  Why did Trump win the US presidency? The Wrong Boys investigate. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS


Ep 99 – Left Dis-Unity

This week the Wrong Boys don’t pull any punches in explaining exactly what’s wrong with the sectarian infighting, witch hunts, and unnuanced, unprincipled petty bullshit that is tearing the left apart. Theme...


Ep 98 – Special Memes Lettuce Dog

A fair minded, gentle, and  noble podcast. Shawn interviews Adeline Borneman of Lettuce Dog. Aaron and Shawn talk about ceding or fighting for Pepe against the forces of far-right appropriation. Play...


Ep 97 – Neoconservatism and Chill

History is on our side this week as the Wrong Boys invade your home, kill the bad guys, and bring freedom and democracy to your land. Theme Song by Far Flowers


Ep 96 – Google Murray Bookchin

Shawn and special guest co-host Pete talk about Murray Bookchin, Communalism, and the task of building a left movement. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS