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Ep 24 – SocialTarianism

Shawn and Aaron talk about the left/right quadchotomies, libertarian socialism, strategies for populist cross aisle collaboration, and the decentralized nonviolent resistance movement. Theme Song Performed by: Punkerslut Synchronicity Book Club: Jonathan Haidt...



Reform? Revolution? Is there an inherent conflict between idealism and pragmatism? We figure out how to change the world and more in part two of our exciting portmanteau trilogy! Theme Song: Arrested...



Shawn and Aaron talk politics and religion, and how they might not be so different after all. Theme song performed by: Dope Creature Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android |...


Ep 21 – Ronald Reagan’s Welfare C.R.E.A.M.

This week, Aaron and Shawn explore the touchy intersection between personal empowerment and blaming the victims of systemic social issues. They also talk money, houseless people, starving African children, and find a solution to...


Ep 18 – Getting Into Trouble

Shawn and Aaron remissness about their past experiences of being in trouble, the elusive and socially constructed nature of the concept, and some of the ways in which being ‘in trouble’ can...


Ep 17 – A Year Without Money (w/ Eric)

Eric spent a year hitch hiking across the USA without touching any money. Today on the podcast Shawn interviews him about his experiences, what brought him back, his ideological opposition to trade...


Ep 16 – Voluntary Communication (w/ Darrell Becker)

Aaron interviews Darrell Becker of Voluntary Visions about his methods of merging of critical thinking skills and compassionate communication tactics. In some rare behind-the-scenes audio, Shawn and Aaron have some heated disagreements...


Ep 15 – So, You’re Having a Baby!

This episode, Shawn and Aaron talk about what it takes to raise a baby, provide feedback to their parents, and discuss how to create a child of your own, at home