Ep 8 – Space Truth

This week, Shawn talks to a representative of the Raelian UFO religion, and he and Aaron abduct your minds into a unidentified object to probe you with wisdom and truth. Alien truth. Religious truth. Psychedelic truth. Finally, they reveal the ultimate truth about our reality once and for all.

Theme song performed by:

Synchronicity Book Club:
The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross by John Marco Allegro

Confirmation Bias News:
Former Canadian defence minister claims aliens refuse to share technology because of Earth’s wars, pollution

World Changer Deluxe Bed:
Something, Something, Knight by RoccoW (Creative Commons)

Srsly Wrong

A podcast about prescriptivism and words, exploring alleged contradictions, creative re-interpretation, changing and challenging ourselves and the world, and exciting strategic paradigms for mental toolkits.

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