Ep 131 – The Genius of Mr. Rogers

A tribute to America’s greatest poet and philosopher, Fred Rogers. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS


Ep 130 – Jean Against the Machine

Jean Swanson is a long time activist against poverty and homelessness on Vancouver’s downtown eastside, and she’s running for Vancouver city council. Shawn speaks with her about her life, activism, and campaign,...


Ep 128 – Ask Us Anything – pt. 1 – exoteric

After fending off the inappropriately horny mailman, the Wrong Boys answer questions from listeners about what they’re currently reading, utopian policy, philosophical zombies, and more! Part 2 of this AUA series will...


Ep 127 – The Ear

In this very special Wrongtown Mystery, Shawn and Aaron investigate the ear, its origins, its beauty, and how to use it to listen. Meanwhile, tensions with their incompetent intern Jeffrey reach a...


Ep 126 – Combat Liberalism

The wrong boys engage in a critical reading of Mao Tse-tung’s essay ‘Combat Liberalism’, then fight in and win a glorious revolution that doesn’t lead to any grain problems. Theme song by Hunt...


Ep 125 – Cultural Appropriation TEASER

Who knew running a progressive preschool could be so hard? FULL EPISODE HERE: Sign up for this and other Insider Srsly Wrong content!   leave us a voice...


Ep 122 Teaser – APOCALYPSE and shit

At Srsly Wrong, we’ve pledged to bring about ten thousand years of world peace, but what happens if we fail? What are the absolute worst things that could happen? Why even think...


Ep 121 – Can Technology Save Us?

Is technology Jesus? Or is it more like an homicidally insane person who thinks he’s Jesus? Answering a question from a listener, The Wrong Boys take on the case to get to...