You too can create new words. You should!

Greetings friends,

I am here today with a simple message. I am going to tell you what is bull shit and what is not bull shit. Right now.

Something that is bull shit is when people insist on the rigidity of the english language. We can see this in the form of grammar police or those who react in disgust at every new wave of neologisms from internet culture. Looking at language this way is super bull shit. Language is a fluctuating and evolving base of symbols that represent objects, states, or ideas. A dictionary is not a prescriptive account of language. It’s an attempt at describing the way that people speak and communicate. It is useful to be able to define your terms during a discussion, but there is also a need for our vocabularies to evolve.

What is not bull shit is deciding to try to create words with the intention of providing a better or more interesting vocabulary for others to play with. There is great gains to be made. The greatest poems of the future could be written with words that you consciously create now. It’s not a certainty, but it’s not something that we should go without doing.

Sometimes, when I suggest a new word, I receive the feedback that language does not work that way, or that I should otherwise not try to create words. Simply, I do not agree with this idea, and I do not feel that anyone should seek to convince others to not create words. Stop trying to universalize your axioms, bro.

Shakespeare invented a bunch of new words. That is some pop trivia right there. So why can’t I shakespeare some more words for myself? I want to take credit for the word “shakespeare” as a word that means “to create a new word.” I know my usage ‘shakespeares some more words’ introduces a redundancy like ‘ATM machine’ does, but I find that charming.

Do not listen to the doubters would would tell you otherwise,

Please go shakespeare.


Shawn Vulliez

Shawn is the most X person sitting at the Y table. Amplification journalist, cartoonist, and former leader of the Pirate Party of Canada. As of this writing he still has faith in humanity.

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