Author: Srsly Wrong


EP 84 – It is Our Job To Educate Us

P2P Education, Student Debt, and who’s job it is to educate who. The wrong boys bravely hack and slash through the webs of misinformation to describe the glorious and inevitable school platform...


Ep 83 – Consumerism (Live! From the Mall)

Is consumerism destroying the planet and pillaging our souls? Or is anti-consumerism just a pleasure shaming sort of paternalism best left in the dustbin of history? The Wrong Boys head to the...


Ep 82 – Glorious, Glorious, WHIM.

We invite you to use your sacred whim to listen to this podcast that was recorded without any script or preparation. The Wrong Boys™ talk about spontaneity, improvisation, arbitrary decisions, and yes-and the shit...


Ep 80 – poopoo peepee politics

Aaron and Shawn uncover the secretive world of poo and pee and stuff. They talk about the pee kids at school, transgender washrooms, being denied bathroom breaks, and announce the creation of...


Ep 79 – Centralization vs. Decentralization

Is decentralization always better than centralization? Is the failure of Soviet Russia all the proof we need? Just what the heck does it even mean for something to be ‘decentralized’? Theme Song:...


Ep 78 – What’s the deal with Punching Up?

Stand up Comedy, Social Justice, Rape Jokes, Gallows Humour, Punching up by Punching Down, and other subjects! call! leave us a message! 1-866-770-8754 Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android |...


Ep 77 – Let’s Play Žižuku!

You may think that this episode is going to be about the ideas of philosopher Slavoj Zizek, but actually, the opposite is true — this episode has nothing to do with the...


Big Baby Stranger Milk Spectacular

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Ep 76 – The Hotline Show Vol. I

Aaron and Shawn listen to some messages on the hotline and respond to listener questions. Autism speaks, time dilation, Rachel Dolezal, overpopulation. Wowee! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android |...