Author: Srsly Wrong


W2T 120 – Tiki Torch Fascism

This week we talk about: – Charlottesville Nazi rally and car murders around the world – Umberto Eco’s List of the 14 Common Features of Fascism – The moral merits of cheering...


Ep 119 – We Would Never Do Butt Gun (Full Episode)

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Ep 118 – Perfumed Men Make Beautiful Times

Aaron interviews an ex-fascist named Callum about his political journey, and Shawn and Aaron discuss the points for and against the old adage: Perfumed men make beautiful times Beautiful times make ugly...


Ep 117 – The S.W.E.A.T. pledge

Millionaire and former host of Discovery Channel’s ‘Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe wants the Wrong Boys to sign his S.W.E.A.T. pledge (Skill & Work Ethic Aren’t Taboo). Will Shawn and Aaron promise to live...



We have a mystery on our hands: should we be vegans? Is eating meat ok? What about the poor animals? The wrong boys get to the bottom of it. Play in...


Ep 114 – Universal Basic Outcome

You’ve heard of a Universal Basic Income for years now — that’s old news, it’s MySpace, it’s AskJeeves — Universal Basic Outcome is new, it’s fresh, it’s innovative. Honestly, you probably haven’t...


EP 113 – Should We Vote?

Shawn’s a voting superstar and Aaron’s a flaky voter who isn’t that confident in the system. When their powers combine, the Wrong Boys get right to the bottom and discover the perfect...


Ep 112 – Diplomacy Vs. Honesty

Is it better to be a self-indulgent jerk who says everything that’s on their mind? Or a sneaky manipulative gaslighting piece of shit who just uses language to trick people into agreeing...