Author: Srsly Wrong


Ep 10 – World Peace

Shawn and Aaron plant the seeds of a new future. A future without war, hunger, environmental destruction, or bickering. World peace is the goal, and it all starts here. Play in...


Ep 9 – New Media and Addiction

Aaron and Shawn explore our growing dependency on social media in light of the rise of the smartphone, the neurochemistry of compulsive behaviors, and their own detrimental habits. Play in new...


Ep 8 – Space Truth

This week, Shawn talks to a representative of the Raelian UFO religion, and he and Aaron abduct your minds into a unidentified object to probe you with wisdom and truth. Alien truth....


Ep 6 – The Circumcision Spectacula

In this very special episode, Aaron and Shawn try their hand at some cutting satire. We’ve trimmed this episode as short as we can for your listening pleasure. Play in new...


Solipsist Missionary

Join the ideology with the absolute fewest a priori assumptions today! Solipsism is the philosophical idea that only one’s own mind is sure to exist. As an epistemological position, solipsism holds that...


Ep 5 – The Experience of Being

Aaron and Shawn explore how we are deeply unqualified to discuss the qualia of others, take a stand against human-bashing, and pointlessly test the colourblindness and the patience of the colour-blind.